Are Strip Clubs and Brothels Under the Same Laws?

The Sex Workers Outreach Project, known as SWOP, believes that workers in the so-called sex industry should have the same protections under the law as workers anywhere and in any legal form of business. Concerning the Amnesty NSW (New South Wales) Consultation on Draft Sex Work Policy, SWOP has these opinions:

* If strip clubs and topless waitresses clubs also provide a sexual service,
such as oral sex or full service, they may be defined as brothels and,
therefore, would be charged and/or regulated under the same laws.
* A liquor license is required for anyone who owns a business that sells alcohol.
Under the Australian liquor licensing law, the licensee may not be allowed to
solicit on the premises because that would constitute indecent conduct. In the
same manner, anyone with a hotel, bar, or nightclub license may ask a sex
worker or client who wants sexual services to leave the premises.
* Australian law does not state a minimum age for strippers or topless waitresses,
but if sexual services are available on site, the required age is 18 or
older. The laws governing a liquor license stipulate that anyone on
the premises under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
Therefore, it follows that strippers who work in a place that sells liquor
must also be over the age of 18.
* Child protection and child employment laws in Australia state that children
under the age of 15 cannot be employed in a place where the child or anyone else
appears naked. The Department of Community Services (DoCS) as well as
police can ensure the safety of those under 18, but they are most likely to
act if the child is under age 16. Action may also be taken against anyone
who employs someone under age 18.

According to SWOP, understanding the laws that affect sex workers has benefited
those who work in this occupation as well as those in the wider NSW population. It has also aided sex workers who now have greater access to support services and increased interest in their own health and welfare.

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