Lawyers In South Australia Allege That Jumps Racing Violates Animal Welfare Laws

People who are making free bets Australia need to be aware of the fact that there may soon be a ban on jumps racing. Lawyers have stated that owners, trainers and jockeys in jumps racing could be breaking animal welfare laws. These people could also have legal action taken against them.

The Law Society of SA has told Tammy Franks that there could be a ban placed on the sport in the near future. This is bad news for people who are making free bets online on racing. However, this the State Government claims that the decision to ban jumps racing is left up to Thoroughbred Racing SA.

Tammy Franks is planning to introduce a bill to the private members of Parliament that will ban jumps racing in South Australia. Jumps Racing has already been banned in many other states in Australia. However, it is still allowed in Victoria. Many of the people who make free bets online on jumps racing live in Victoria.

Ralph Boning, who is the president of the Law Society of South Australia, has stated that jumps racing may already be breaching current legislation. However, the bill that Franks is planning on introducing will provide more clarity to the people who are involved in the sport.

Many people do not agree with this decision, including Frances Nelson. Frances Nelson is the chairwoman of the Thoroughbred Racing of Australia. She is questioning Boning’s assessment of jumps racing. She has stated that the there is a lot of incorrect information about South Australian jumps racing. She also stated that a lot of the information does not reflect the true nature of jumps racing. ( more information about horse racing here)

Boning has stated that the Animal Welfare Act strives to prevent animals from being involved in activities that are illegal. He also stated that there is a lot of information that suggests jumps racing is cruel and harmful to animals. People who are involved in jumps racing could potentially be prosecuted under the Animal Welfare Act.

Neale Sutton is the chief executive of the Royal Society for the Prevention Of Cruelty to Animals. Sutton hopes that Boning’s decision will cause people to think twice about participating in jumps racing and making free bets Australia on the sport. According to Tammy Franks, animals who participate in jumps racing are much more likely to die than animals who participate in flats racing.

Despite the fact that people like Sutton and Boning are pushing to get jumps racing banned, Tom Kenyon, who is the racing minister, stated that the decision is ultimately left up to the Thoroughbred Racing of South Australia.