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Workplace Bullying: The Impact of Brodie’s Law on Employers

Brodie Panlock was a 19 year old waitress who tragically ended her life after being subjected to ‘persistent and vicious’ workplace bullying at café Vamp in Hawthorn, Victoria.[1] A coronial inquest found that Brodie’s young age, low self-esteem, and inexperience combined to make her ‘emotionally vulnerable’, and it was this vulnerability that was callously exploited by…


‘Get a Fire in Your Belly’ for Indigenous Rights!

‘Get a fire in your belly’ was Jill Prior’s powerful message from the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service when she recently provided a moving presentation at the Progressive Law Network’s Legal (r)Evolution conference. It has been 20 years since the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths In Custody made its 339 recommendations to essentially jam the revolving doors of our criminal…